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Matemáticas y Escritura


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Jean Explora Mathematics and Writing is an excellent bilingual (English/Spanish) educational software program developed to enrich basic and advanced mathematics and writing skills, through the use of the computer for 6 to 11 year old students.
Product Content

Jean Explora Mathematics # 1 (Bilingual) Includes:

  • Numerical Order: Recognition of the greatest number one and two digits, recognition and one fewer two-digit number that will identify before, between and after
  • Sum: Sum of sets with objects, Sum of numbers one, two and three digits
  • Subtraction: Subtraction of sets with objects, subtraction with one, two and three digit
  • Multiplication: multiplication, multiplication numbers one, two and three digits
  • division: Find the quotient, Halla divisor, dividend Halla
  • Comparison of numbers: Compare sets, compare numbers
  • Coins and dollars:
    • Recognize coins
    • Recognize the value of currencies
    • currency trading
    • Recognize the value of banknotes
    • Coins and dollars (Activity # 1 Activity # 2)
  • Word Problems: Troubleshooting (Activity # 1 Activity # 2, Activity # 3) Interpretation of graphs

is also included ...

  • Word processing illustrated
  • preparation area exercises
  • Additional exercises for printing
  • academic progress report
  • integrated calculator