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Language Arts


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Jean Explora Language Arts leads the student through grammatical activities to develop reading comprehension by means of innovative interactive stories that awaken creativity. The software incorporates animation, sounds, music, graphics and texts to facilitate learning of academic skills by elementary level students.
Product Content

Jean Explora Language Arts contains the following:

  • Story analysis
  • Order of events
  • Reading comprehension
  • Main idea
  • Developing values
  • Vowels and vowel sounds, consonants and consonant sounds
  • Basic Vocabulary
  • Word association, object identification
  • Syllables, division into syllables, classifying words by syllables
  • Singular and plural
  • Synonyms, antonyms, and homophones
  • Parts of speech: verb and adjective identification

Also included...

  • Illustrated word processor with sounds, music, and voice recording for student practice in writing
  • Verbal and written correction of errors produced in doing the exercises
  • Different levels of difficulty and complexity
  • Average of all activities in a data base (Progress Reports)
  • Printing of the results of the activities
  • Additional data base of images and sounds.
  • Access to the Program Manual from the menu
  • Access to the Teacher’s Guide on the DVD-ROM
  • Workbook of Activities
  • More than 50 interactive activities.
  • My Illustrated Notebook permits creating, decorating, saving and printing a story or project by adding images, music, and sound.