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Who are we ?

An interactive software development company that produces the “Jean Explora” software series

We develop the “Jean Explora” series of interactive educational software used in public and private schools, universities, and institutions. A talented team of educators has collaborated in production of each software program, ensuring alignment with the Common Core Standards. The company has been engaged in production and continuous updating of educational programs since the 1990’s, and today has a portfolio of programs in Spanish Language, English Language, Mathematics and Environmental Science directed to students from 4 to 18 years of age using computers, tablets and the internet.

Our mission is to harness the latest computer technology in the service of education by enriching students’ academic skills from basic to advanced levels, providing ample opportunity to hone these skills through practice that supplements classroom instruction.

Our vision is to be the recognized leader at the national and international levels and to be known for the high quality of our products through continuous improvement in all areas, and to facilitate excellent customer service.

Educational Focus

The “Jean Explora” educational software series was created by educators and supported by recognized experts in the field of education to enrich basic and advanced skills in the areas of Spanish, English, Mathematics, and Environmental Science through the use of computers and tablets. The programs are an effective support tool covering subjects taught in the classroom that helps students improve and reinforce their understanding and practice the skills they have acquired.

The programs incorporate animations, sounds and music, and realistic scenario-based graphics to engage all types of students.

All programs include varying levels of difficulty and complexity, detailed academic progress reports for each student, and the capability of printing out the results of the activities.

Each program also includes an area for the teacher providing options for creating and editing exercises, as well as determining the exact sequence to be followed. They also include an illustrated glossary, calculator, a bank of printable certificates, and additional exercises to print.