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Who are we ?

We develop the “Jean Explora” series of interactive educational software used in public and private schools, universities, and institutions. A talented team of educators has collaborated in production of each software program, ensuring alignment with the Common Core Standards.

The company has been engaged in production and continuous updating of educational programs since the 1990’s, and today has a portfolio of programs in Spanish Language, English Language, Mathematics and Environmental Science directed to students from 4 to 18 years of age using computers, tablets and the internet.

Our software programs are adaptable to meet the needs of special education students with various Kinds of physical and intellectual limitations.

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Educational Focus

Are you looking for the ideal educational tool?

“Jean Explora Educational Software Series” was created by educators and supported by recognized experts in the field of education to enrich basic and advanced skills in the areas of Spanish, English and Mathematics through the use of the computer and the internet.

The programs are not intended to replace classroom instruction; rather, the programs are an efficient support tool that includes the subject content taught in the classroom and allows students to improve their understanding by practicing their acquired skills.

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